My Story

I am a creative director in Multimedia focussing on video production, web design and development, user experience (UX), customer insight, and graphic design, as well as lecturing and tutoring at University of Queensland and Central Queensland University.

Now, I am super excited to focus on creating engaging and impactful videos that connect authentically with the audience. I enjoy creating experiences for people. The projects that have given me the most satisfaction have all involved a level of human engagement, from interactive and immersive multimedia experiences, to a customer-centred architecture of the Queensland Government online presence, to storytelling through videos.

For the past few years I have been developing and honing the filmmaking craft. Armed with a broad range of skills and experiences in movie making—from writing, directing, camera, to editing—I have created promotional videos and short movies.

The technologies used for movie making become the tools of the artist. I draw on my previous passion for creating emotive, experiential pieces through storytelling to create my new works that engage and interact with the audience.