Promotional Video for Live Music Event—Destination Blues

Filming on a moving train, a challenge. A great event, great performers, great guests. All the ingredients for a great video.

Promotional Video for Fabulous Resort—RIU Resort, Mauritius

A beautiful resort, glorious weather, fun activities, pretty drinks and friendly, fun staff. I really enjoyed making this video on a micro crew.

Promotional Video for Penny Farthing Event—World Penny Farthing Championships

The beautiful lines and historic romantic associations of the penny farthing were a real inspiration for making this video.

Promotional video—Sandgate Film Gala

This promotional video with animation and clips from films were used to promote the inaugural Sandgate Film Gala Film Festival.

Promotional Video

Act 1 Theatre requested a promotional video for their latest play, 'The Importance of Being Earnest'.