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Video Production Services

Having a professional video to promote your business is an important way to promote yourself and your business. A well designed and scripted video expresses who you are and what you do in a meaningful and memorable way, allowing others to get to know you and your product more effectively than other forms of promotion. A well-presented video is easy to absorb and has a lasting impression on its viewers as it taps into our visual, auditory and emotional responses.

Professional videos are more memorable and not only support, but also solidify other forms of marketing. Here are some things you should know about what makes a video successful. Firstly, a promotional video needs to look professional, otherwise it can have an adverse effect on your whole website and visitor retention. Secondly, promotional videos need to tell a story. People want to be entertained, not pitched to. Thirdly, humour, and/or sincerity will help you connect to your viewer on a more personal level.

Video has a prominent function in communication on websites and social media. It is essential to have a professional video to help project a positive and memorable presence.

Creating your promotional video

Concept and planning

This is a collaborative process to find your unique story, and to explore how we will communicate it to your audience. Once a concept has been agreed to, I create a script and storyboards so you can visualise how your video will look, sound and feel. This will be our working blueprint.

As we discuss the practical elements of your promotional video, we will explore options such as whether to hire professional actors or use your in-house talent, if we use drone shots, and whether to use royalty free music, or pay an artist directly.

Shooting day

Once you are satisfied with this blueprint for your video, my film crew get into action. The shoot in most cases will take about 1 day depending on how many shots are involved. I try to keep my crew as small as possible to keep the costs down for you. Also, a smaller footprint is less disruption on your business and helps keep you in-house actors more comfortable. Depending on the type of project the crew can include:

  • artistic director
  • cinematographer
  • sound technician
  • assistant

As the artistic director, I will lead every shoot. Depending on the type of shoot I may also be the cinematographer. Depending on your requirements, the crew can include a hair and makeup artist, drone operator, second camera, camera assistant.

Post production

After the shoot is over the next step is editing the video footage, incorporating music and voice-overs if required, colour correction and grading.

When the final video is complete, I will give you a copy of the video. If required, I can also upload it to your specified YouTube or Vimeo account.


*Prices exclude GST

30 second package (AU$4000)

We create a 30 second video that captures your company’s unique story. The video will be formatted in both 16:9 and square formats for use on various social platforms.

60 second package (AU$4500)

We create a 60 second video that captures your company’s unique story. The video will be formatted in both 16:9 and square formats for use various social platforms. Promotional video for fabulous resort. is an example of 1 minute promotional video.

60 second + package (AU$5500)

As well as the 60 second promo, you will have two extra 15 second videos in a square format, giving you more fresh content specifically for Facebook and Instagram.

Full SEO package (AU$8000)

This package includes the 60 second promo, + two 15 second promos, + Full SEO distribution and marketing for 6 months.


Hair make-up (basic)
Music from our extensive library


Drone footage
Voice Over
Actors / Talent
Excessive travel costs


20% initial payment required


Call today if you would like me to help you create a lasting visual presence.